Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy (LP)

449 kr

Bill & Bonnie shared these songs with a travel-challenged world through late
2020 into earlier this year; now their online sensation comes home to roost
on the good ol’ fashioned format that all these songs were originally heard in
the first place! A record to, from, for and dedicated to almost everyone. Hats
off! Pants off too – NOW it’s a party.
Like the best parties, it turned out to be everything and more than they’d
even hoped for. So many more people were involved in the process that
we can get on the page here. Suffice to say, making records over the years
has required a broad sense of community and an always-surprising mix of
independence and unity, inspiration and utility. Some of our best memories
are those where as many of our folks as as possible were together in one
place at one time. In those moments, it was just a great thing just to be there.
And with others looking in . . . this was a joy one could only be infinitely lucky
to feel and to take for granted, as well.
The Blind Date Party was one of these, maybe the most improbable one yet.
It’s for everyone who’s here and it’s in the name of everyone who’s gone but
will never go and will always live with us here. This album will too.
And thus, we are entertained.

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