Levande Död – Ingen Framtid (LP)

229 kr

Levande Död’s follow-up album to the highly praised
2019 debut album ‘Upp Till Kramp’ – properly or not
titled ‘Ingen Framtid’ (eng. ‘No Future’).
Consistently recorded during the fall of 2020, in
contrast to ‘Upp Till Kramp’ which was recorded over
the series of multiple years, sessions & constellations
– the record captures a time with it’s surroundings in
pandemonium, tightly made with the quartet who
make out Levande Död today.
The result – an album similar to nothing else before or,
probably, to come!
What you will recognize are the masterfully executed
lyrics of E. Lahti, the musical intensity of yester-years
– with the maturity which two years & a pandemic
greets you.

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